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Chris Vaughn has over 30 years of leadership and speaking to influence others. He has worked across America with individuals, groups, churches, and even Fortune 500 Companies. He is passionate about connecting with people to see them live a strong life by influencing others, and you, to achieve your dreams.

STUCK!  Ever been there in your car. Tires are spinning. You put the car in reverse, then back in drive, and every push on the accelerator makes the tires spin again, and dig you in deeper!

When I was 16 years old, I backed my Camaro into a ditch. It was embarrassing, and I knew if I couldn’t get moving soon I’d be stuck with a big towing bill. I was WAY OUT IN THE COUNTRY!

Every time I tried to get out of that ditch, my tires would start spinning! I knew if I kept on trying, tires spinning, the deeper in the hole I’d get!

THANKSFULLY! Some of my friends drove up. There were about 6 of them, and all weight lifters! I asked for their help giving me a push and picking my car up just enough… and the extra effort got my into a position I got out of that ditch. I couldn’t do it alone. No one in life ever can!

They saved me! I wasn’t embarrassed! I didn’t waste time! I didn’t have to pay an expensive tow bill! I had some help!

Life can be just like that car!

You know where you want to go! You see in your mind’s eye… The side business to start! The extra time to spend with family! The freedom of extra income! Living life in the direction of your goals and dreams!

You see it! But the tires of life seem to keep spinning towards frustration and self-doubt of being stuck in a rut.


Everyone feels that way in the journey of life! No matter where you are, or what is going on… Your life is one decision away from moving in the direction of your hopes and dreams.

I want to help. I want to help give you a push right now to help you get back on track!

You’re invited to join my FREE webinar GET UNSTUCK and Make Life Great!

Shake the dust and cobwebs off, let’s roll our sleeves up, and get some tools you need to begin to build the life you long for… and the life you are destined to live! The life you dream.

Think about it! Don’t wait for someday…

You’ll find an engaging, welcoming, encouraging atmosphere where you can begin the process… to move in the direction of your dreams and make your life the life you dream! You’ll get the push you need to get going!

In the webinar I’ll share with you 5 TACTICS & ACTIONABLE STEPS TO GET UNSTUCK!

  • IMMEDIATELY actionable steps to put into action when we are done
  • It will help you RIGHT NOW to make your next week, next month, next year, your best year ever!
  • REMOVE stress, guilt, and pressure from your life!
  • Finish our time together with a CONCRETE plan of action!
  • Discover the ONE thing that sabotages most dreams!
  • Walk away with valuable take aways you can put into ACTION!

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