Nothing on this earth is perfect… but you can help improve your life!

Nothing on this earth is perfect… but you can help improve your life!

You can choose to improve your life, or let it rot and decay.

Have you noticed that on this earth everything left to itself falls into a state of decay

Across the street from my house is a home where the family had some sad circumstances. There was a foreclosure, which was the least of the sad circumstances, all the furniture was moved out, and it sat empty for months. Evidently the bank lost the information or something strange, and for more than a year the house sat empty.

One day I met a guy, his car battery was dead and I offered to jump his car for him, who had been hired by the bank to begin the work on the house to get it ready to sell.

No one had lived there. No damage had been done to the house. No storm had ripped the roof off.

Yet, the house was in disrepair. The power had been off. No gas was on, so there was no heat for about two winters. There was no water on at the house.

Why would a house without anyone causing wear and tear begin to fall in decline?

Because nothing on this earth will increase or improve by itself, when it is left alone. Left alone it will fall into decay.

NOTHING on this earth left to itself will improve.

Not a building, not a home, not a car, not a church, or a family left to itself will improve when left alone.

So many people love to point out how things are bad, and how things are perfect.

  • Their church is bad and doesn’t meet their needs.
  • Their family is sad and dysfunctional.
  • Their car is crap, they hate it, and they want a new one.
  • Their job doesn’t fulfill their needs, the pay is low, and they hate the job.

To everyone of those voices I want to scream at the top of my lungs…

SHUT UP and take ownership! Get Involved! Pick up a hammer and fix it!

Church is great if you believe it is and are involved!

Your family, even when it is dysfunctional, is better than not having any family. Make an effort and reach out to those in your family. Make a call. Write a letter. Send them an email. I promise you, when your family members pass away you will wish for one more moment to improve that situation and improve your life.

Get your car and fix it up. Clean it out. Fix the headlights. Make it the best car that it can be. Wash it. It’s always amazing to me how much better a clean car drives than a dirty one.

Take pride in the job you have and treat it like the job you want tomorrow! Show up early. Do more than is expected. Encourage your co-workers. Support your leadership, and prepare yourself for your next job. Take the initiative to improve your life and the job! Shut up and take ownership!

Everything left to itself will begin to decay, but that should never bother you. Never!

You have the power to improve your life! You can make the effort, to give the extra effort to fix those things in your life that you see decaying.

You can either walk away from those things in your life that need attention… or put in the effort to improve your life and make it better!

You’ll be glad you gave it the effort… and those around you will too!

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